Course Fee and Number of Post-Test Attempts

The course fee is $10 per CEU/PDA. A certificate will be awarded when a 70% or greater score is achieved on the post-test. If the MINIMUM PASSING GRADE of 70% is NOT achieved on the first attempt, a SECOND ATTEMPT is given immediately AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE. (Note: Detailed results of your exam attempts are given directly after post-test submission.) If a passing grade is not achieved after two attempts, you will be required to purchase the CEU/PDA course again.

Certificate of Completion

Once a score of 70% or greater is achieved, a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be available to print for your license renewal. Save the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION in a safe place. If you lose the certificate, your personal account will have a copy on file for re-printing. You have access to all previous course CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION you take with us. No need to call The Supply Center.